We are developing the first patient-use, minimally-invasive bio-sensing platform technology measuring clinically important bio-markers in interstitial fluid. Our first product is designed for patients who need to monitor their renal function at home and it will open up a whole new paradigm of kidney care, from monitoring kidney transplant patients to wider population screening. The safe, pain free and simple nature of the device will transform how clinicians and patients monitor kidney function.

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IF Sensing wins Innovate UK competition

November 2016: IF Sensing is delighted to announce that we have won the Innovate UK Biomedical Catalyst Feasibility Studies Competition. 

IF Sensing wins first prize at Daresbury I-TAC

April 2016: IF Sensing Ltd, the Manchester-based medical device company, has won first prize in the I-TAC Challenge Competition, run by Science and Technology Facilities Council, based in Daresbury, Cheshire.

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IF Sensing was set up in 2012, as a spinout from research carried out at the University of Manchester and Central Manchester University Teaching Hospital Trust.

The founders' vision was to commercialise painless, self-administered monitoring and diagnostics for chronic diseases. Their considerable expertise in kidney disease and biosensors mean that the logical first device will be designed for kidney patients in out-of-clinic settings.


Following proof-of-market studies in 2012-2013, the company won a Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) contract in early 2014 that enabled the biosensor component of the device to be developed and proven. Subsequently, the company was awarded a far larger SBRI award in order to achieve integration of the biosensor with a readout and fluid extraction device, taking the company up to the stage of a pre-market device. Further funding has since been received.




Our development work is going well with the first device being designed for self-monitoring of kidney function. 

Our project work is based in the UK and Europe. The international team maximises the chances of success by utilising experts with the skill sets required to build the different components of the devices we are developing.

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OTHER Applications

Building on our platform technology, we are planning to develop the technology to measure several other important analytes. Our devices can be adapted to be "wearable" for longer term monitoring of various conditions, as well as for acute diagnoses.

Our aim is to keep diagnostic technology as low cost as possible will have a major impact on healthcare systems - not only in western regions, but also in the developing world, where access to accurate diagnostics is a major problem


Andrew Roberts

Development Manager

Prof Paul Brenchley

Co-Founder & Chairman

Prof Sandip Mitra

Co-Founder & Clinical Director

Nick Montague

Business Advisory

Prof Tony Turner

Co-Founder & Consultant



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